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Educational Consultancy for Schools

In today's rapidly changing educational landscape, fostering an inclusive, engaging, and empowering learning environment is paramount. With over a decade of experience in mathematics education, international teacher training, and a passion for promoting females in STEM, I am positioned to offer consultancy services tailored to meet the unique needs of your institution.

Consultancy Options


Public Speaking

I can deliver keynote speeches or workshops at school assemblies, faculty meetings, or education conferences, sharing insights on promoting female students in STEM and ensuring an inclusive approach to mathematics.


Targeted Intervention

Leveraging my extensive background in secondary maths and my award-winning teaching techniques, I can design and run targeted intervention sessions aimed at enhancing the understanding and performance of GCSE students.


Inclusive Mathematics Department Workshops:

Working closely with your maths department, I can provide hands-on training sessions, sharing strategies to create a more inclusive curriculum, classroom environment, and teaching methodologies that cater to the diverse needs of all students, particularly young females.


Curriculum Development

Drawing from my international teaching experiences, I can provide insights and recommendations to enrich the maths curriculum, ensuring it's both challenging and accessible to all students.


Teacher Training & Development

Using my expertise from international teacher training stints in Asia and Africa, I can offer bespoke training sessions to educators, focusing on effective teaching strategies, inclusive education, and fostering a passion for maths among students.

Why Collaborate with Me?

Beyond my credentials and passion for mathematics, my journey—marked by challenges, stereotypes, and triumphs—offers a unique perspective on what it takes to nurture and inspire the next generation of female mathematicians. Your institution can benefit from this amalgamation of experience and vision.

Pricing and Rates:

For detailed information on the pricing of specific services, tailored packages, or long-term collaborations, please get in touch. Every institution has unique needs, and I'm committed to providing solutions that deliver value while respecting your budget.

Engage with Me:

If you are keen on enhancing the maths learning experience in your institution, driving inclusivity, and ensuring that every student realizes their potential, I'd be delighted to assist.


For consultations, service inquiries, pricing details, or to discuss tailored programs for your school, please reach out at

Together, let's forge a path that makes mathematics a subject of inspiration, inclusivity, and empowerment.

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