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Empowering the next generation of female mathematicians doesn't stop at classroom walls or social media posts. It extends to brands that align with the mission, vision, and passion I bring to the table.

I believe in forging collaborations that resonate with my mission: promoting and supporting young females in STEM fields, especially mathematics. The brands I choose to work with should not only share this vision but also actively contribute to reshaping the narrative for women in the world of maths.

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Potential Collaborations:

  1. Sponsored Content: Feature your brand in my engaging math posts or revision videos.

  2. Product Reviews: Highlight educational tools, apps, or resources that can assist students in their mathematical journey.

  3. Guest Posts & Takeovers: Bring a fresh perspective to my audience, while showcasing our combined commitment to education.

  4. Live Q&A Sessions: Engage with my community, discussing the intersection of your brand with mathematics and education.


Why Collaborate with Me?

With an established presence on both Instagram and YouTube, I offer a unique blend of content that marries lifestyle with rigorous mathematics. My audience is dedicated, engaged, and looking for authentic recommendations and resources that can assist in their educational journey.

Let's Make a Difference Together


If you're a brand that champions education, believes in the potential of young females in STEM, and is keen to make a positive impact, I'd love to hear from you.


To discuss potential collaborations or partnership opportunities, reach out to me at

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