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Empowering young females to conquer mathematics

Over the span of my career, I've been deeply entrenched in the world of mathematics education. Armed with a BSc in Mathematics and a PGCE in Secondary Maths, I've had the privilege of teaching passionate students across all three UK Secondary key stages, including delving deep into the challenges and rewards of both A-level and Further Maths A-level. My dedication to nurturing young minds didn't go unnoticed – I was deeply honoured to receive the Outstanding Teacher Award, a recognition of my unwavering commitment and innovative teaching methods.

But the journey hasn’t always been smooth. Time and again, I’ve been confronted with stereotypes and doubters. I've been questioned about my abilities, and more than once, heard the incredulous "You teach maths?" Despite being among only a few females in my university course and noticing a significant lack of female lecturers, I persevered, driven by my love for the subject.

This love for mathematics didn't just keep me in the UK. I expanded my horizons, leading teacher training initiatives in both Asia and Africa, with a special emphasis on numeracy. These experiences enriched me and made my resolve even stronger.

Today, my mission is deeply personal. I want to ensure that no young woman faces the skepticism and bias that I encountered. I stand as a testament, and hopefully, a relatable role model for young females, proving that not only can we excel in mathematics, but we can also inspire, lead, and shape the future of the discipline. In me, they'll find a champion who believes that for women in mathematics, the sky's the limit.

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